Monday, September 27, 2010

First day if school

I'm just going to say they were 7 hours of AGONY. the bus didn't come and , I had to ride with a friend, after

that my friends greet me with a freaking joke. Nice isn't it? In class none of the fans are above me, the heat was

 unbarable and a storm brewed for like 10 minutes too, my lucky day. at about 10 a.m what happens? THE electricity dies out and the little air i got from the half broken fans turned to nothing and i sweat like a darn pig.
2 hours passed, we couldnt sit in our usual place during lunch cause the smartass head of school said that area is off limits now (possibly because it's sort of a steep hill and it's dangerous), so we had to walk to the other side of the court and my toe being infected , it felt like fire ants were biting me,Not to mention the 2 larger sized shoes i had were brushing against my little toes and caused skin to rip and turn red.That passed, i had to go up hill with these murdering shoes and it hurt ALOT, i was relieved i was going home but what else could happen you ask?
THE BUS DIDN'T COME. Everyone complained and after half hour, we decided to walk. There barely was anywhere to sit anyways so i just tried to bear the pain and walk ALOT. half way what happens? the bus arrives and we had to run like crazy to catch it and the idiotic assistant head stopped us and blabbed about " IF YOU GO ANYWHERE  YOU'RE NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY BLABIDY BLA BLA@ and we didn't care and rode anyway. Now i'm home and my toes are a burning hell, a shower didn't really help ease the pain but hopefully this cream will. That's all for now, I'm being forced to go buy a an A4 book for tomorrow, meaning i have to go up 3 hill-roads and walk for 10 minutes because for some reason nobody considered opening a stationary nearby.
Enjoy your day everyone, I'm going to nag my mom how annoying school was today.

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