Tuesday, September 28, 2010

day 2

Continuing from yesterday, i slept at abt 5 p.m of boredom and i woke up at about midnight, unexpectedly i found my grankids because for some reason, 28th september isnt late enough to start school. Anyways,I my time on the computer was limited because they wanted to play and the boy nagged me to download yu-gi-oh for him..Having woke up  unluckily for him i downloaded it way later than he wanted because since i had just woke up, I had no intention of getting off the computer that moment. couple of hours pass and i had to dress for school, I used 3 freaking bandaids on my toes due to yesterday's incident and Having to buy school supplies, having to go uphill will just kill me, but i can't have anyone drive me there,*sigh*.School was boring as usual, better than yesterdays though. What i hated was : my stomach was upset all day and i wouldn't dare use those toilets, and the bus came late AGAIN.Now i need to go buy random stuff for school,bye.

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